I’ve had some requests from folks to hear my score to Michelle Heffner Hayes’ latest modern dance piece “Collide”, that was performed in late April at The Lied Center.

Once I get video back of it, I’ll post it to YouTube or something, but in the meantime, here is a temporary location to hear a mid-quality mp3 of it. It’s not squashed into a little audio brick like our favorite alt/pop/rock/punk because it was designed for a concert hall, which means you really have to crank it up or the quiet parts will be inaudible in many listening environments.

“Collide” mp3

I guess there’s not much to say about it – I’d like to think it’s got enough depth for repeated listens, and of course seeing it with its close sibling, the dance itself, is best. I really have to credit Michelle for her ability to communicate ideas, images, and feelings in wonderfully evocative terms that immediately begin conjuring up musical storms and reveries from the depths.


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One Response to Collide

  1. Alisha says:

    That was a big surprise because it was so great! I really enjoyed listening and repeated it.
    :) Glad to know you and re-connect, after all these years. Keep playing, KEEP PLAYING.

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