Why do we bond with certain music and never really move on?

I’ve always thought we bond more closely with music when the hormones are highest (adolescence into early adulthood). Also there is a certain tight bonding with children that happens with everything they glom onto. Therefore, under this reasoning, a lot of people like the music they bonded to in childhood, but especially the music they listened to in junior high, high school and post-high-school. Even years later, nothing else seems as vital.

Being a musician, I’ve found lots of stuff over the years I really like, and continue to do so, maybe by listening to it a certain way, I don’t know. Still, the overall pattern of my idea about early bonding still loosely holds true underneath my general ongoing curiosity about all kinds of music.

Oh yeah, here is a bit of poppish ear candy I was quite taken with recently – from Finland, Pepe Deluxe and the cut “Go Supersonic” from their relatively new release “Queen of the Wave”:


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