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Poem for a Passed Friend

An old friend of mine passed away suddenly a few months ago, shocking friends, family and coworkers with her too-early departure. She was a light. Everyone says that, and maybe it’s always true. All I know is that it was true for sure in her case.

Here is a poem I wrote a week or so later when the disbelief had morphed into a constant haunting of thoughts, always there underneath and on the periphery. It just happened to be on Valentine’s Day. I can share it now that a little time has passed. Continue reading

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tUnE-yArDs An Ear-Ringing Success!

tUnE-yArDs finally made it back to Lawrence after a cancelled previous attempt and they played a very cozy (packed and loud) and warm (hot and sweaty) Jackpot Saloon. I say they rather than she because assistant Nate is apparently now … Continue reading

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Tuvan Throat Singing Strangeness

What do you get if you roll together Howlin’ Wolf, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits with ancient nomadic culture and alien-sounding flute-like harmonics run through quirky boutique resonance effects boxes? Continue reading

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America’s Gulf Coast Life Against the Oil Disaster Backdrop

I have a fondness for its odd mix of beauty and industry, diversity of people, and the persistence of small communities that work hard and live simply even in the best of times, and get devastated by hurricanes in what we thought was the worst of times. Until now. Continue reading

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