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Yet Another Twin Peaks Interpretation

So, what if current day Laura is in her early 40’s and a survivor of childhood and teenage serial sexual abuse in a family where the mother refuses to acknowledge it and looks the other way and does not play any sort of savior role, as so often happens in these situations. She has largely repressed that childhood trauma though is subconsciously haunted by it and continues to find herself attracted to trouble without even knowing why. She is eking out an existence as a waitress in Odessa Texas where she ended up to be as far away as possible from her childhood setting. Continue reading

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The Queen of Rockabilly

Well, having my hand touched by the first woman ever to record a rock and roll song (and subsequently having her throw water on me) was truly great, but the takeaway if there is one at all is that I just felt consistently good throughout her performance. Twin Peaks without the dark undercurrents in some sense. Continue reading

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